Fostering Application form

Firstly thank you SO much for applying to foster with us. Without people like you we could not operate as a private rescue organisation.

There is quite a bit of information to fill out, but please complete the below forms- this enables us to make sure our rescue animals are going to the best place where they can be rehabilitated, and loved. This also enables us to match you with the correct foster animal for your experience level/situation. 


By filling out the below information you agree that while the animal is under your care it is still under the ownership of Harmony & Hope Animal Rescue. You also agree that you will provide adequate care, housing, and training to your foster animal as agreed upon. We have the right to seize the animal at any time if we believe this care is not being carried out. You also agree to regular communication with us about your foster animal.


We have the right to deny any applicant. 

We will provide a relevant care/training information guide for your foster animal if required. 

We will provide all food/bedding/veterinary care if required- although we always appreciate donations towards this if possible. We do ask our foster carers to provide kitty litter if possible. 

Do you own or rent your home?